Our team works directly with physicians, prescribers and participating medication drug providers across the United States to help eliminate or reduce the financial burden of high-cost prescriptions. With over 1,500 prescription medications in our database, we’re confident that we can find a solution to fit your unique prescription needs. Use the search field to see if your prescriptions are available.

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Once a member is enrolled, we take care of the ordering, maintain enrollment status and manage the tracking of ongoing refills to make sure there’s absolutely no lapse in our member’s medication schedule. In most cases, we can even have the prescriptions shipped directly to a member’s home or physician’s office.

Simply put, we focus on taking care of the intricate details surrounding affordable prescription drug options so that our clients can focus on what really matters: living their best lives now.


Here are our most frequently asked questions:
  • Prescription Bliss is a service-based organization that works on your behalf to obtain your medication, for free, directly from the manufacturer through their available Prescription Assistance Programs. Prescription Bliss is not a pharmacy, nor do we ship medication directly to you or your health care provider. We do not work for or are we associated with the pharmaceutical company. We are a family- owned organization committed to helping people who are uninsured and or underinsured obtain the medication(s) they need at an affordable price. We work for you and not the pharmaceutical company or pharmacy. Our services have helped thousands of individuals receive free or discounted medications, saving an estimated $40 million since 2018.

  • The Prescription Assistance Programs, or PAPs, have emerged in an effort to help US Citizens who lack health insurance or prescription drug coverage obtain the medications they need. The program is typically offered by pharmaceutical companies to provide free or low-cost prescription drugs to qualifying individuals. The current assistance program contains over 1,500 medications that qualify. Contact us today to see if your medication qualifies.

  • Each pharmaceutical company has different guidelines for eligibility. We continually monitor the eligibility requirements of these programs. To determine if a patient is eligible for assistance, Prescription Bliss conducts a free RX assessment over the phone. If a patient is qualified for any type of assistance, our team will manage the entire process, gather required signatures, monitor refills, and update the enrollment with additional medication if required.

  • During your free RX assessment, you will be asked a few questions to determine eligibility. Once enrolled in the free program, our team will manage your enrollment through your approved term. This includes gathering required signatures and documents from you and your doctor, processing and managing all correspondence, monitoring, placing refills, and any updates to the enrollment if required.

  • Yes, they are, however, Prescription Bliss does an excellent job navigating the process to get you enrolled. Our team knows what is required to ensure you are approved. Our appeals department daily processes appeals for members who have come to us because they or their healthcare provider have received a denial after attempting to go through their program on their own.

  • We offer three (3) options to make it easy for you.

    1. Start an application online by clicking the ‘enroll now’ at the top of our webpage.
    2. Complete the application over the phone by calling us at (877) RX -BLISS
    3. Request an application by mail or email.

    Mailing Address:

    P.O. Box 7, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311
    Toll-Free Number: (877) RX- BLISS or (877) 792-5477
    Fax: (937) 404-6690
    Email: enrollment@prescriptionbliss.com

  • No, we can help you with as many prescribed medicines that are available in the program.

  • On average, once approved, medication(s) will arrive within 3-4 weeks after the initial submission of all enrollment forms. All the requested documentation must be received promptly so that there is no delay in processing. IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must continue to take their medication until you begin receiving your medication shipments.

  • YES! Each program has different requirements! Many of our members come to us who are on Medicare and have a Part D plan and are unable to afford their copays or find themselves in the coverage gap of their prescription plan. WE CAN HELP

  • YES! If your insurance company has denied paying for your prescriptions or you have a high copay or coinsurance responsibility, Prescription Bliss can help!

  • Prescription Bliss has a dedicated team that works to prevent any gaps in medication coverage by managing the ongoing refill process, on time, month after month. Our proprietary system tracks refills and when they are due. However, members should also notify us if they are 10 days from running out of their medications.

  • Yes, your doctor must prescribe your medication. We will need to send over paperwork to your doctor to enroll you in a program.

  • If a member needs to add or change medication or doctor, they can call us, and we will make the necessary changes. We will make the appropriate changes for future refills and assist with new medications whenever possible.

  • Members may cancel at any time! We do require a 30-day written notice to ensure billing is stopped appropriately. To cancel, please call us at (877) RX-BLISS or (877) 792-5477 to speak with our retention team.