Our team works directly with physicians, prescribers and participating medication drug providers across the United States to help eliminate or reduce the financial burden of high-cost prescriptions. With over 1,500 prescription medications in our database, we’re confident that we can find a solution to fit your unique prescription needs. Use the search field to see if your prescriptions are available.

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Once a member is enrolled, we take care of the ordering, maintain enrollment status and manage the tracking of ongoing refills to make sure there’s absolutely no lapse in our member’s medication schedule. In most cases, we can even have the prescriptions shipped directly to a member’s home or physician’s office.

Simply put, we focus on taking care of the intricate details surrounding affordable prescription drug options so that our clients can focus on what really matters: living their best lives now.


Here are our most frequently asked questions:
  • No, we can help you with as many prescribed medicines that are available in the program.

  • At Prescription Bliss we understand that “life happens” and unexpected circumstances arise causing you to need assistance temporarily. There are no contracts when enrolling in our programs. You may cancel by calling us at (877) RX-BLISS or (877) 792-5477.

  • The shipment method of your medication may vary. Some medications are governed and are required to be shipped to either your physician’s office or a pharmacy. However, in many cases, the medication can be shipped directly to your home.

  • On average, once approved, your medication will arrive in as little as 3 weeks after the initial submission of your enrollment form. It is important that all the requested documentation is received in a timely manner so that there is no delay in processing. Note: It is critical that you continue to take your medication until you begin receiving your medication shipments.

  • Each program has different requirements, but many of our patients come to us who are on Medicare and have a Part D plan and are unable to afford their copays or find themselves in the coverage gap of their prescription plan.

  • If your insurance company has denied paying for your prescriptions or you have a high copay or coinsurance responsibility, Prescription Bliss can help! Apply online by clicking ‘apply now’ at the top of this page.

  • Prescription Bliss has a dedicated team that works to prevent any gaps in medication coverage by managing the ongoing refill process, on time, month after month.

  • If you need to add or change medication or doctor, call us and we will make the necessary changes. We will make the appropriate changes for future refills and assist you with new medications whenever possible.

  • Prescription Bliss takes your privacy seriously. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information. We are required by law to maintain the privacy of protected health information and to provide you with this notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to protected health information.

  • You may cancel at any time! Call us at (877) RX-BLISS or (877) 792-5477 and ask to cancel. We appreciate feedback so please let us know how we are doing.