What You Can Expect:
Client-Centric Solutions
Our members are the backbone of our company. As such, we value each client and work tirelessly to uncover solutions to solve their unique problems, always striving toward our goal of making their lives easier.
Experienced Staff
As players in as rapidly an evolving industry as healthcare, it is our duty and responsibility to conduct our business from an informed, authoritative position. Our members trust us to be industry experts.
Timely Service
When our members need medication, mere hours can make a life-changing difference. We understand the gravity of being able to access your prescription when you need it.


  • With humanity, humility, and the highest integrity—we are committed to helping people in need save on their prescription medications.
We always strive to actively better our community, both on a small and large scale.
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Meet the Founders
Andrew Brewer
Co-Founder & CEO
With a passion for helping those in need, Andrew cofounded Prescription Bliss in early 2018. He serves as the CEO, overseeing the day-to-day operations, and is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. Andrew brings over 20 years’ experience helping individuals in a diverse range of organizations.
Jennifer Brewer
Director of Administration
Jennifer cofounded Prescription Bliss and serves as the Director of Administration. Her passion is connecting patients, employers and healthcare providers with specific patient assistance programs (PAP) that mitigate high prescription costs. Prior to the launch of Prescription Bliss, Jennifer held several corporate HR/talent management leadership positions within automotive manufacturing and professional service organizations.